Reviewed! Neverwonder - Really Let It Out

Really Let It Out

A note to all bands – if you’re going to release an EP, it better be packed with songs and sounds that make an impact while leaving a pleasurable memory implanted in the minds of listeners – but most of all it needs to leave people wanting more. Apparently, Los Angeles’ Neverwonder got the memo. Their latest, Really Let It Out, is an intriguing five song set that features new lead singer Alima Soul, who is easily the star of this compact show. “Spinning” is the perfect introduction to Soul, who takes the opportunity to showcase both her vast vocal abilities and sheer range. Really Let It Out bounces back and forth between contemporary rock (“Let It Out”) and shimmering pop (“Enough”), before putting the cherry on top of the sundae with Soul’s memorable performance on the closing acoustic rendition of “Spinning.” With Really Let It Out, there is proof that there is something here with Neverwonder.      

Grade: B
Go Download: “Let It Out”