Reviewed! Le Reverie - Dark Symphony

Le Reverie
Dark Symphony

Being a female fronted rock band isn’t anything all that groundbreaking nowadays, as it seems finding a talented band featuring a strong female lead isn’t exactly like finding a needle in the haystack. Truth is, if you’re a band akin to this description, you have to be able to stand out and separate yourself from the rest of the similarly sounding ilk. Luckily for Le Reverie, it appears as if they have the tools necessary, even if it’s going to be a struggle to do so. Dark Symphony, the band’s debut full length, showcases said tools via a noticeable lingering air of darkness, both lyrical and theatrical, and layered sound that runs throughout the album on such standouts like “Le Reverie (The Dream),” “Hold Me Down” and “Pleasure & Pain.” Frontwoman Allie Jorgan (yes, let the Evanescence comparisons begin if they haven’t already) is the light that cuts through all of the darkness throughout Dark Symphony, one constant listeners can count on to be a beacon time and time again. Dark Symphony is good, though the band faces an uphill battle if they are going to find any semblance of separation in this genre, but they are off to a good start.

Grade: C+     
Go Download: "Hold Me Down"