Reviewed! Here Come The Mummies - Cryptic

Here Come the Mummies

Cryptic, like Here Come the Mummies, a 12-person funk/R&B outfit known for appearing on stage in full mummy attire in an effort to hide their true identities since several members of the band are Grammy nominees due to contract obligations, is incredibly eclectic. Cryptic is hardwired to get you moving via a number of infectious tunes laced with uber-melodic hooks fueled by the vocal work of frontman Mummy Cass (“Devil Better Run,” “Infinity,” “You Know the Drill”). The band can ramp up the funk factor when need be, adding in some horn play to really hammer their point home (“Cruel Old Sun,” “Everything But”), and even take a stab at something akin to a ballad along the way (“Never Grow Old”). The albums’ title track and “Petting Zoo” are yet another pair of highly enjoyable outings, and to be honest, that sentiment could really be said of Cryptic as a whole. This album is different to say to the least; its compelling and eccentric, but most of all, Cryptic’s most endearing trait is the fact that it is thoroughly refreshing. Here Come The Mummies stand out in a crowd because of the on-stage gimmick, but to be honest, their music should be the thing standing out, and Cryptic is proof of that. If you look beyond the tattered wraps and clothes, you’ll find something worth investing in, a band is unlike any other in today’s carbon copy industry. All in all, Cryptic is an album that will have you grooving the whole way through. This might be as entertaining and as out-of-left-field a release as you’re going to come across this year.

Grade: B+
Go Download: “Petting Zoo”