Reviewed! Brandon Saller - 1983 EP

Brandon Saller
1983 EP

From Atreyu to Hell or Highwater to now setting out on his own, the sonic evolution of Brandon Saller continues with the 1983 EP, his sparkling, endearing solo debut, and it doesn’t take long to realize that this EP is the logical progression to Saller’s aural journey, a next step you’ll surely want to tag along for. Sallers’ voice resonates with aplomb, emoting an air of openness as he belts out the heartfelt words that fill the liner notes of 1983. Saller is the pure driving force behind this EP, one that blends the purest form of indie, highlighted by unadulterated Americana, a front porch feel sure to spur more than one sing-a-long session (“This Old Town”), while showcasing bouts of immaculate folksy storytelling (“Lonely In Love”) via some emotionally stirring stanzas (“Little One”). Rest assured, this is not Atreyu, nor is this Hell or Highwater, this is Brandon Saller, with guitar and hat in hand and heart firmly on sleeve, plain and simple, nothing more, nothing less.

Grade: A-
Go Download: “Lonely In Love”