Reviewed! Berenice Scott - "Walls Cave In"

Berenice Scott
"Walls Cave In"

Words by Leo Cloeson

With her debut single "Walls Cave In," Berenice Scott is a singer-songwriter with a real quality to her work. Drawing on many inspirations from different areas of the world – her parents are creative who moved around for work in her younger days – Scott has settled on a truly charming sound.

Opening with a simple piano part that loops around a simple chord pattern, you could be forgiven for dismissing this song for its lack of complication. It’s all based on this chord structure that circles around, with no showy ideas or solos, just a simple layered vocal to give it color.

But it’s this simplicity that it this song’s strength. The light vocal sits perfectly in the production, smoothly complimenting the simplicity of the piano part, with some light percussion to keep things moving. Simple parts on their own, but all coming together to create something akin to the likes of Sarah McLachlan.

After a couple of listens, the feel and tone seeps under your skin, and that chorus lyric and melody – "Walls Cave In/Sky Falls Down" – sits in your mind. If you’re looking for a beautiful track with a genuine, light touch, you’ll enjoy this.

Grade: A