Reviewed! Light Years - Parking Lots EP

Light Years
Parking Lots EP
Paper + Plastick Records

Well, we’re over halfway through April, and you know what that means – we’re mere weeks away the joyous embrace of summer and now is the time to shore up your track for soaking in the sun’s rays. As we enter the season of blaring pop-punk jams through your stereo’s speakers, there’s no better time for Light Years to release the Parking Lots EP. The new release is just what pop-punk should be – effectively short (2 songs and 1 acoustic), and unapologetically straight to the point, with the opening duo of “Parking Lots” and “Put Myself Together” showcasing what fans can expect from Light Years’ forthcoming full length I Won’t Hold It Against You, due out this summer, including rollicking waves of melodies created exuberant, energetic vocals backed by charging, yet bouncy guitar work. And that’s without even mentioning the EP’s anchor, an acoustic version of “Put Myself Together,” a track that oozes an air of Say It Like You Mean It-era the Starting Line. The Parking Lots EP is a release that puts Light Years on the tips of pop-punkers tongues, and a sly way to build anticipation for their impending full length. Touché, boys, touché.

Grade: B+
Go Download: “Put Myself Together”