Reviewed! Cancer Bats - Bat Sabbath - Bastards of Reality

Cancer Bats
Bat Sabbath – Bastards of Reality
Good Fight

Within a few minutes of Bat Sabbath – Bastards of Reality, Cancer Bats’ five-song homage to some of Black Sabbath’s finest work, it’s clear these Toronto, Canada natives are more than just a group of mere fanboys. The bands picture perfect take on “Children of the Grave,” the initial foray into Bat Sabbath – Bastards of Reality, shows such attention to detail, such painstaking sonic caretaking, that its clear this isn’t just another covers or tribute album – this is flat out Sabbath worship, plain and simple. Hell, can you blame them? Who doesn’t worship Black Sabbath? Frontman Liam Cormier’s gravelly, rasping delivery sounds more than suited for this release, and his cement-like vocal approach lends credence to these timeless Sabbath cuts as he wails through the intricate “Iron Man” and absolutely brilliant “N.I.B.” The boys save their best work for last in the closing “War Pigs,” a rendition that even Ozzy and Tony would be proud of. If for some reason you weren’t sold right away on the fact that Bat Sabbath – Bastards of Reality is five tracks of Cancer Bats moonlighting as Black Sabbath, you’ll be sold only a few minutes after pressing play for sure.    

Grade: A
Go Download: “Children of the Grave”