Video Premiere: Space Capone - "Why You Wanna Say Goodnight?"

Ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, Get exposed music is proud to bring to you the premiere of the latest visual accomplishment, "Why You Wanna Say Goodnight?" The new clip was directed by Saybn Mayfield and stars Kelly Thiebaud of General Hospital and Hostel fame as the female lead.

Go Behind the Camera with Space Capone:

Tell me a little about the song, "Why You Wanna Say Goodnight." What's it about, and what inspired its writing?

I was going through a Prince phase when I wrote this song. I wanted the song to be slow but still maintain a poppy-ness to it, just like a Prince ballad would achieve. The song's all about patience in a
relationship. Typically girls are better at this. I remember distinctly, the lyrics for "Baby It's Cold Outside" ruling my thought process as I tried to jot my own down. The song documents the push and pull that goes on in relationships. When you don't live in the same house as the one you love, late night goodbyes are companied with very strong feelings.

Talk to me about the video for the track. Tell me a little bit the story here.

The director, Sabyn Mayfield, wanted to tell a story with the video. A throwback if you will, to the times when music videos told stories and weren't just a collection of random visuals. The lyrics create a story
pretty vividly, so Sabyn wanted to accompany that with an equally as impactful piece of visual story telling.

How about the direction of the video? Who directed it, and how did you come to land on them for the job?

Sabyn Mayfield directed it. He directed the video for this single, as well as the video for the song "I Just Wanna Dance." Sabyn was recommended to us by a mutual friend. He lives in LA, but is originally
from Nashville, so we had a cool connection there. He was looking to do a couple music videos with a Nashville artist and we were looking for a director. We sent him the song, he sent us a treatment and the rest is history.

Why the decision to shoot the clip in black and white?

That was the director's decision. Sabyn loves shooting black & white - it's the rawest, most honest and classic look of all time. He was drawing influences from his favorite video of all time, Chris Isaac’s "Wicked Games," which is directed by Herbs Ritts, and shot in the most stunning black & white. It also has a very visually seductive storyline and was a huge inspiration for the overall look of this piece.

How did Kelly Thiebaud (General Hospital, Hostel) come to be in "Why You Wanna Say Goodnight?" What did she bring to the table?

Kelly was great in this! The director met her about two years prior when she auditioned for a film he cast and produced. She wasn't ultimately right for that project, but I think he always kept her on his
radar. When Sabyn Mayfield wrote the treatment for this video he knew he needed an amazing actress, so he reached out to a few agents and the first name that caught his attention was Kelly's. She came by his office and talked about the treatment a little, he sent me some head shots of different girls and we mutually agreed she was the right one.