Reviewed! Hatebreed - The Divinity of Purpose


The Divinity of Purpose

Razor & Tie

When asked about The Divinity of Purpose, Hatebreed’s sixth studio album, Frontman Jamey Jasta said it is ‘all pit, no shit.’ Hey, when you’re right, you’re right. It’s grimy, it’s guttural, it’s shattering – it’s Hatebreed. The Divinity of Purpose showcases Hatebreed as a band that knows their skills, and lives within them. This album is a curb-stomping, one nearly devoid any and all things melodic, though it’s not lacking anything in the intense groove department (“Honor Never Dies,” “The Language,” “Before The Fight Ends You”). Unfortunately for Hatebreed, the problem that persists with The Divinity of Purpose is the same problem that has existed on pretty much all of their releases – this album sounds just like the last one. Still, that shouldn’t deter you from checking this record out. And to be honest, would you really want Hatebreed flipping the script and penning a ballad? Pretty easy answer there. In short, The Divinity of Purpose is Hatebreed being Hatebreed – take it or leave it.

Grade: B-
Go Download: “Honor Never Dies”