Reviewed! Close Up On The Quiet Ones - Land Ho

Close Up On the Quiet Ones
Land Ho

Dear scene, here’s our new EP Land Ho. You’re welcome. Signed, Close Up On the Quiet Ones. In other words, this band is legit, and their latest, the Land Ho EP, is the proof. Hell, one song, opening salvo “Your Own Personal Coma,” oozes a swagger that would make A Day To Remember do a double take, a song that probably caused Panic At the Disco to start using the exclamation point again (this statement may or may not be factual), and things are just getting started. Powered by seemingly endless scads of driving, utterly infectious melodies and punchy riffs (“Cowboys and Indie Kids,” “Imaginary Houses”), Land Ho is a force to be reckoned with, one that saves its brightest moments for last. While Dee Marie of The Ethnographers does for “If You Play That Card, I Swear” what Juliet Simms of Automatic Loveletter did for All Time Low’s “Remembering Sunday,” it’s the tandem of the penultimate “Addicts, Fakes and Suicide Lakes” and the closing “I Sure Hope You Know How To Swim,” featuring Paul Kelley of The Future Is Me, that truly steal the show on Land Ho. The former is an immaculate ball of energy that serves as a clear highlight as well as a stunning example of what Close Up On the Quiet Ones are sonically capable of, and the latter is an aural clinic, plain and simple.  With Land Ho, Close Up On the Quiet Ones have put everyone on notice, and just in case you were wondering (don’t lie, you know you were), yes, there is room on the bandwagon, but judging by this EP, there won’t be for very much longer.      

Grade: B+
Go Download: “Your Own Personal Coma”