Reviewed! Telen Rodwell - "Heart of Gold"

Australian songwriter Telen Rodwell announces his arrival in the world of music with debut single “Heart of Gold” this March, and it's a strong start. Discovered singing while helping out on a home building effort in Haiti in 2010, he was soon snapped up by Borough Records and now he's looking to build a career with his brand of upbeat acoustic music.

It's a fairly standard track structurally - feeding from verse to chorus and back again - but its strengths are found in the harmonies and the undoubted sing-a-long qualities. If the remainder of the forthcoming album is anything like this, it has the potential to be a real summer treat for 2013, full of major chords and catchiness.

There will surely be some darker tones to the album, but for now, this positive, coming of age track is a decent introduction to a new artist.

Grade: B