Reviewed! Our Ghosts - A Brand New Mouth Full Of Razor Sharp Teeth

Our Ghosts
A Brand New Mouth Full Of Razor Sharp Teeth
Endless Bummer Records

Boston based artist Our Ghosts (aka James Gray) is something of a musical enigma. In spite of a musical upbringing based mostly around hardcore genres (punk, rock, metal), and currently playing as part of heavy group The Betty White Slam! Dance, his debut solo work comes out of an electronic left-field. A Brand New Mouth Full of Razor Sharp Teeth is an eleven song collection that challenges, surprises and satirizes. One thing it never is, is boring.

Bringing together a grimy collection of electronic bass sounds inter-cut with effective drum clips and (often spoken) voice samples, Gray's creative talent is undoubted. The tracks here are complex and layered, sometimes sharp and political (“Teeth”) often simply instrumental (“My Fellow Americans”). Each one has its own personality, and though some are have more of a 'drone' element than others (“Morphine Drip”), there's something in each one to capture the attention.

This is not an album for everyone. There's not a catchy chorus to be found and it's not likely to get you tapping your foot. Instead, this is a good example of what can be achieved with an alternative viewpoint and skilful sampling skills. A Brand New Mouth Full Of Razor Sharp Teeth is an acquired taste, but worth your time if you're looking for something different.

Grade: B
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