RevieweDVD! Peter Gabriel - Classic Albums: So

Peter Gabriel
Classic Albums: So
Eagle Vision

Classic Albums: So should be a definitive piece of any Peter Gabriel fans collection, as not only does it follow the blueprint of most other Classic Album entries by thoroughly diving into Gabriel’s head during the creative process of So, but it also offers up many other anecdotes far more worthy of your consumption. Hearing the explanation behind Gabriel’s reluctance to title his albums, a noteworthy story straight from the horse’s mouth of So producer Daniel Lanois is excellent, as well as how he had to practically convince Gabriel to use cymbals on the record. Classic Albums: So also includes the story behind the creation of the “Sledgehammer” music video, one of the coolest videos of all time (the making of the “Sledgehammer” video is included in the bonus features). Going inside Gabriel’s mind as he was putting together So, the most successful record of his tenured career, far exceeds the price of admission of Classic Albums: So, a DVD offering that leans closer to the must-own side of the tracks.

Grade: B+