Reviewed! Lions Lions - Grounded EP

Lions Lions
Grounded EP
Century Media

Lions Lions Grounded EP is the ultimate tease. Hell, to be honest, Lions Lions Grounded EP will probably piss you off since it consists of a new song, an acoustic offering and a music video, which, above all else, will leave you craving more because everything here is so damn good. The title track shows flashes of a mature step that this young band is capable of taking, not unlike Story of the Year’s” “Anthem of Our Dying Day,” combining genuine call-and-responses moments with bombastic hooks; a sonic aesthetic that fans of Lions Lions should surely be accustomed to by now. What follows is a heartbreaking unplugged version of To Carve Our Names’ highlight “the Right Steps,” as well as an iTunes exclusive video of standout track “Milestones,” a clip that perfectly captures the true destructive chaos of a Lions Lions live show. Since the Grounded EP is only two songs long, make sure you have the repeat button firmly pressed.

Grade: A-
Go Download: “Grounded”