The Learning Curve: Vera Mesmer

Vera Mesmer
From: Hollywood, CA RIYL: Stone Sour, Remy Zero, Abandoned Pools
Listen to: “Over and Out”

Though Vera Mesmer boasts ex-Coal Chamber bassist Nadja Peulen and former Reveille guitarist Chris Turner (Mesmer), remove all illusions of grandeur you might have regarding their prior affiliations. Vera Mesmer is something entirely new and entirely different, something they showcase on their long-awaited new EP, Orphans. Self-produced by Turner, mixed by Sean Beaven (Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails) and mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Sepultura, Halford), the CD “tells the story of how Chris and Nadja met and takes the listeners on their mystical journey.” Again, take what you know and simply file it in the circular, if you catch my drift. Vera Mesmer's music is alluring as it manages to both captivate and encompass with each passing note of their brand of alt-rock, and it doesn't take but one track to hook you (start with, say, "Over and Out"). Ladies and gentleman meet your new favorite band, and no, you really don’t have to thank me. 

Check out their video for "Back From the Dead" below.