RevieweDVD! The Who - The Who: Live in Texas '75

The Who
The Who: Live in Texas 7’75
Eagle Vision

Filmed while touring in support of the then-recently release the Who By Numbers, the Who’s excellent live DVD release, the Who: Live in Texas ’75, finds the legendary act in a raw, raucous, live setting, and though the video footage here has been spit-shined, you can still feel the pure ball of energy this band brings to the stage. With the Who, you know you’re in for good music and a veritable litany of hits including “Squeeze Box,” “Baba O’Riley,” “Behind Blue Eyes,” and “Pinball Wizard,” and that’s barely the least of it. Late drummer Keith Moon is a sight to behold on The Who: Live in Texas ’75, and watching him whirl around his drumkit like a frenzied madman should be a smile to your face and perhaps, if you’re a drummer, a tear to your eye. The concert here winds down in dazzling fashion with heavy-hitters “My Generation,” “Roadrunner” and “Wont Get Fooled Again,” so, read that, then ask yourself, what else do you need?

Grade: A-