Reviewed! Vera Mesmer - Orphans EP

Vera Mesmer

Sometimes we judge books by their covers – don’t lie, you’ve done it before. It’s easier to take things at face value but often times it’s the wrong approach, as is the case with Vera Mesmer, a brilliant duo consisting of Coal Chamber alumni Nadja Peulen and ex-Reveille guitarist Chris Turner. You’d think the bands listed on their resume would shape their current sonic endeavors, right? Wrong. Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth. On the surface, Vera Mesmer’s music may come across as alternative rock (if you believe in labels), though once you peel back the skin you’ll realize there’s a lot of moving parts to these songs. Orphans boasts a unique mixture of  steampunk, rock and prog, and when combined with an underpinned presence of danger, Vaudevillian undertones and captivating piano-driven currents, the band achieve a sound so haunting that it is sure to linger long after this criminally short EP is over. Via booming, grandiose hooks (“Over and Out”) and alluring, infectious grooves (“Back From the Dead”), these songs would shatter radio airwaves if given the chance, and at the same time be able to score the next Bioshock game or provide a stirring soundtrack for a drug-addled road trip to Vegas. And all that without even mentioning the bands spectacular cover of Supertramp’s “the Logical Song” that closes the EP. Any way you choose to consume Orphans, the important thing is that you consume it, which is sure to be a memorable experience in every aspect.

Grade: A
Go Download: “Over and Out”


Daniel said…
Over & Out!! OMG you couldn't be more correct in a review! Especially love Nadja's singing debut at the end of Over and Out!! Nice Job Girl!! :D And of course it is a criminally short EP! Makes me wish I held an entire LP in my hands longing for more! Is why I went ahead and thought ahead and bought the previously released EP The Gypsy Magician as well! Now get back in the studio you guys owe your fans a full length LP Dammit! :D