Reviewed! Simon Townshend - Looking Out, Looking In

Simon Townshend
Looking Out, Looking In
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Yes, Simon Townshend is the younger brother of the Who’s Pete Townshend. With that out of the way, we can now focus on the singer/songwriters seventh studio album, Looking Out, Looking In, an eclectic mix of sound where all things acoustic and electric guitars intermingle, leading to a handful of noteworthy tracks. “Electric Friend” pretty much speaks for itself, a tune that features said electric guitars, while on the other end of the spectrum, “Stay” offers a bluesy vibe over an acoustic groove. Laid atop this cozy bed of six-string work are Townshend’s comfortable and ultimately relatable vocals, which at times channel a bit of Peter Gabriel (“Forever and a Day”) and even Elvis Costello (“She Asked Me”). While the psychadelia of “Make It” is definitely a highlight, the true standout on Looking Out, Looking In, has to be Townshend’s knack for melody, something inherently notable throughout each of these songs.      

Grade: B-
Go Download: “She Asked Me”