Free Music Monday! Teen Daze, Red Fang, Jozef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch, Lust For Youth, Chelsea Wolfe

 Teen Daze

MP3: "Garden 2" -
MP3: "Spirit" -
MP3: Mix - SSENSE -

Teen Daze is sharing every track from The Inner Mansions. You've heard his first single, "New Life," and his surprising collaboration with Frankie Rose, "Union." Find the haunting "Garden 2" above as well as the next track "Spirit." Not only is he sharing originals, but Jamison brings an ode to synths to SSENSE with a blissful mix featuring Actress, Fort Romeau, and Kuhrye-oo.

Red Fang

MP3: "Crows In Swine" -

Today, Red Fang shares a shredder, "Crows In Swine" available to stream or purchase. The track features menacing guitar riffs and ear shattering drumming, along with the band's signature drudgy, stoner metal riffs.

Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch

MP3: "Etimasia" -

Acclaimed lutist Jozef Van Wissem & American Auteur Jim Jarmusch have already announced their 2nd LP for this year, The Mystery of Heaven. "Etimasia" the 1st single from the album, features Van Wissem's incredible & fragile lute playing, while Jarmusch provides dissonance with his guitar. Together the two paint a beautiful sonic landscape, all while pondering mortality.

Lust For Youth

MP3: "Behind Curtains" -

Sacred Bones is pleased to release Swedish artist Lust For Youth's 2011 release, Growing Seeds for the 1st time in North America (Released in Europe on AVANT!, the Sacred Bones release will feature 3 new songs). Today, Lust For Youth shares the 1st single, "Behind Curtains."

Chelsea Wolfe

MP3: "Flatlands" -

After recently sharing "Appalachia," the 2nd single from her forthcoming 3rd album, Unknown Rooms, Chelsea Wolfe is back with new single "Flatlands." The heartbreaking folk ballad accompanies her recent Pitchfork Update feature, in which Chelsea discusses her upcoming album and stepping out into the spotlight as an artist.