Free Music Humpday! GANGI, People Get Ready, Delhi To Dublin, Vex Ruffin, Feeding People


MP3: "Gold" (Pharoahs' Remix) -

GANGI has released a post-punk leaning remix of the song "Gold" by Pharoahs. The new album from LA-based psych duo GANGI is out now. The record is entitled 'gesture is' and is getting release on the band's own Office of Analogue and Digital label.

People Get Ready

MP3: "Middle Name" -

People Get Ready are proud to share "Middle Name," the second single from the Brooklyn band's self-titled debut album, which hit store shelves everywhere Oct. 23 on the Brassland label.

Delhi To Dublin

MP3: "Turn Up the Stereo" -

As Canada's multicultural and musically diverse Delhi 2 Dublin gears up for the US release of their new album Turn Up The Stereo on February 19, 2013, they are releasing the title track as a FREE download which can be downloaded here.

Vex Ruffin

MP3: "Same Thing Tomorrow" -

With Same Thing Tomorrow, Vex Ruffin offers more of his signature infectious but minimal sound. This cassette-only release of ten new, understated tracks - culled from more than 300 songs Ruffin submitted to Stones Throw Records head Peanut Butter Wolf over the past year - is an intimate showcase of the prolific Chino resident's songwriting.

Feeding People

MP3: "Island Universe" (Free The Robots feat. Phil Nisco remix) -

Feeding People recently released a 7" of their single, "Island Universe," through Innovative Leisure. Now, Free The Robots have remixed "Island Universe" and you can hear their new take on the song above.