Free Music Monday! Toro Y Moi, A.Chal, Fatima Al Qadiri, Devotchka, Fishing

Toro Y Moi

MP3 - "So Many Details" -

The funky psych-pop of 2011's Underneath the Pine evinced an artist who could create similar atmospheres even without the aid of source material and drum machines. His Freaking Out EP, a handful of singles and remixes, and a retrospective box-set plot points all along the producer/songwriter spectrum in which he's worked since his debut, and Anything In Return is another exciting offering that shows he's still not ready to settle into any one genre.


MP3 "Touch Me Like I'm Famous" -

A.Chal is an artist hailing from NYC, who is steadily making a name for himself this year by releasing future bass/hip hop inspired tracks. He is now ready to take more of a vocal approach on his upcoming EP Ballroom Riots. Although not too much is known of him, its obvious from his previous videos that he stands for a lack of boundaries and a love for bringing disparate worlds together, both sonically and visually. "Touch Me Like I'm Famous" is a perfect example of the paradox that is A.Chal.


MP3 - "Along The Way" -

November 13, 2012 sees the release of DeVotchKa's new album, DeVotchKa Live with the Colorado Symphony (Cicero Recordings LTD). The band, a melting pot of genres, forms an authentic and wholly original style of rock 'n' roll. DeVotchKa Live with the Colorado Symphony gave the band a chance to have every melody, harmony, and counterpoint, recorded in the studio, to be translated to real people, playing the parts together.

Fatima Al Qadiri

MP3 - "Desert Strike" -

Fatima Al Qadiri is a Brooklyn-based composer and artist, born in Senegal and raised in Kuwait. Al Qadiri uses a surreal life experience to act as melodic narrator in her latest body of work Desert Strike, which also serves as her Fade to Mind debut. With sparse, decisive percussion, Desert Strike's 5 tracks showcase Fatima's melodic virtuosity. Intro "Ghost Raid", named after "The Ghost" F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighter, launches an aerial bombardment that subsides to sand-blasted lull.


MP3 - "White Sheet Beach" -

Fishing are from that deep green inland sea just 38 nautical miles west of Sydney, known as The Blue Mountains. You can hear it in their music too. Deep, beat driven ocean-scapes that sweep you far away while keeping your feet firmly tapping something catchy. "Choy Lin" is Fishing's latest single taken from a 7" vinyl due for release in October. Which will be followed by the B-side "White Sheet Beach". For now this is only the appetizer, the main course will be coming early next year in the form of an album.