Stanby Records Signs The Relapse Symphony

Standby Records, the home of the Rock N’ Roll 2.0 movement, is proud to announce the signing of Washington, DC’s most impactful new quartet, The Relapse Symphony.

There are bands that are rich with sound, and then there are others who are even deeper with message. For The Relapse Symphony, they are that rarest of combination where the musical excellence is matched by their undeniable messages of self reliance, inner strength and taking chances to get more enjoyment out of life.

Hailing from Washington, DC, The Relapse Symphony are a band that are not merely locked into a single sound or a unified message. They are a much deeper band on both levels. Influenced by everything from 90s power punk like Green Day to more modern traditional metal such as Black Veil Brides, it’s clear that The Relapse Symphony is an act that will appeal to the new school metalheads while having some classic charm for older fans as well.

“It’s rare that I find a band that is the perfect match for the Rock N’ Roll 2.0 movement,” states Standby Records Owner Neil Sheehan. “I study bands to not only understand their sound today, but their reach and vision toward the future. In The Relapse Symphony, I see the appeal of today’s heavy rock bands with the charm and influences of so many bands throughout all eras of hard rock and metal.”

It takes only mere moments hearing vocalist Bret Von Dehl to get connected on the undeniable catchiness of this band. he’s partnered up with guitarists JC Charles and Alex Foxx, who deliver the perfect amount of power and elegance to work exactly with what each and every song needs to be compelling. The band is rounded out by the solid backbeat provided by Tyler Gloyd, who more than ably keeps each and every song bouncing along.

Now signed with Standby Records, The Relapse Symphony are currently meeting with producers to produce their debut Standby release, slated for early 2013. Until then, get anxious and get ready for something addictive like you haven’t heard in years.