Reviewed! Duran Duran - Diamond in the Mind: Live 2011

Duran Duran
Diamond in the Mind: Live 2011
Eagle Records

Recorded at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England, Duran Duran’s Diamond in the Mind: Live 2011 finds the band heavily tipping their cap to the classics, while still focusing on the here and now, specifically their most recent long player, All You Need Is Now. Diamond in the Mind: Live 2011 spends a good amount of time running through the annals of the bands body of work, as this crafted setlist fires off one radio staple after another (“Planet Earth,” “Hungry Like the Wolf,” “The Reflex”), interspersed with more recent cuts (“All You Need Is Know,” “Blame the Machines,” “Girl Panic!”), though the true highlights of Diamond in the Mind: Live 2011 lie in material you’ve more than likely heard once or thrice before. The seven-plus minute closing effort “Rio” effectively steals the shows the show with so much bounce and pomp and circumstance that the band nearly brings the house down. But above all else, it’s the bands mashup of “Wild Boys” and the Frankie Goes to Hollywood classic “Relax” that truly rules the days here. Duran Duran has aged, that’s clearly evident, though they have done so with grace and maturity, qualities that really shine through on Diamond in the Mind: Live 2011, as the band commands the audience with the ability to make you dance, make you sway and make you sing along to each and every word. With Diamond in the Mind: Live 2011 your time surely won’t be wasted, and for a more fulfilling concert experience, do yourself a favor and pick up the DVD of this show as well.     

Grade: B
Go Download: “Rio”