Reviewed! The Swerve - Taken Apart

The Swerve
Taken Apart

Taken Apart is warm and endearing, an auditory blend of all things analog and organic, a complex, rich sonic aesthetic that makes the band one of the industry’s best kept secrets today. First off, it’s strongly recommended that you go back and seek out the band’s excellent Wonder EP. Now, onto the business at hand, the bands’ latest extended play, Taken Apart. “The Beach” is among the best tracks this band has ever cut to wax, one overflowing with stirring waves of foreboding electronics complete with emotional undertones that linger, something the Swerve is, or should be, known for. Hell, this track manages to somehow come across as entrance music for a silent movie villain and an ardently stirring ballad at the same time. The Swerve’s integration of actual musical instruments is prevalent now more than ever on Taken Apart as these rich, integral, and most of all, real, sounds permeate the dense haze of aural layers, leading to one of the bands purest and most natural moments (“Crimson Pool in the Shadows of Night”), though noise revelers have nothing to be worried about. While “Crimson Pool in the Shadows of Night” sounds perhaps as close as the Swerve has ever come to sounding like a traditional band, there’s still an air of 8-bit to it, as at times the track feels cut and pasted out of a Nintendo game (anyone else think this track could work in a stage of Dr. Wiley’s castle on Mega Man?). With Taken Apart, be prepared to drown in a sea of diverse sound.

Grade: B+
Go Download: “Taken Apart”