Reviewed! Danko Jones - Bring On the Mountain

Danko Jones
Bring On the Mountain

If you haven’t yet heard of Danko Jones, you’re probably not alone, but chances are things will change once you feast your eyes on the bands new DVD offering, Bring On the Mountain. Actually, if you are new to Danko Jones, you should start with the bands great 2010 release Below the Belt. Bring On the Mountain, named after a fan favorite song the band vows never to record, is a 90-minute documentary chronicling the beginnings of Jones’ love and obsession with music, and honestly the best thing about this doc is that it isn’t really bogged down with interviews from guests and such – the majority of the talking is done by Jones himself and John Calabrese, which gives the overall proceedings a more intimate feel. Hearing a story in which Jones rocked so hard at one point he literally detached his retina from his eye is a true highlight as is Jones explaining why the band first signed in Sweden. In addition to the main doc, there’s also a second DVD entitled the Ballad of Danko Jones, a short film which in which the Below the Belt trilogy was based on. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also 14 live performances from Jones’ archives and every Danko Jones video clip in existence – 19 in total. It’s somewhat of a shame that Danko isn’t bigger than he is right now, but here to hoping that Bring On the Mountain will help to change that.

Grade: B-