Free Music Weekend! Milk Music - "Violence Now"

Olympia, WA's cult rock and roll band Milk Music are about to embark on a full US tour in July, including a stop at Pitchfork Festival and to celebrate, the band are sharing a new/old track to celebrate the tour. "Violence Now" originally appeared on a very small run of flexi discs as a split effort with Carrie Keith of Gun Outfit. They were included with an issue of the Olympia based NUTS! Fanzine. If you didn't have a friend who was in the know, or were already familiar with NUTS!, chances are you didn't get one. You can hear the dirty, fuzzed out anthem right now, released digitally for the first time.

MP3: "Violence Now" -

To get a taste of what Milk Music is all about live, you can check out WFMU and download their full set from Primavera Sound which includes some new songs that hint at what's to come for their next LP being recorded this summer.