Free Music Weekend! Gatekeepeer - Exo

Gatekeeper have blessed us with a full album stream of their debut LP Exo. Additionally, new media artist and 2011 Rhizome Grant winner, Tabor Robak, has painstakingly designed a fully explorable virtual environment featuring music from Exo to complement the LP's release. Tabor also designed the album art and a special font which can be used to decipher hidden messages within the artwork.


Exo takes the exotic, outlandish after-hours of Giza to an entirely higher setting. The lust and rust of Giza have evaporated in the blinding light of universal mind, leaving behind the silvery, glowing ecosystem of Exo in its wake. Here Hollywood FX meld with twisting 303 basslines, angelic choirs with metallic synths, cut-up chants with cryptic chords - all fused together by a tight blend of IDM, acid and big-beat inspired techno rhythms. The album is meant to be listened to as a whole - the tracks blend seamlessly to create a continuous environment with a consistent, deep-breathing feel. Imagine angelic dewdrops in a deep forest clearing; diving off a cascading, crystalline waterfall to an instant river.