Free Music Weekend! Cate Le Bon - "What Is Worse"

The reviews are in. The second album by silver-plated songstress Cate Le Bon, CYRK, is a bona fide critical hit. The cavalcade of comparisons that crop up in every review - John Cale, Nico, Malkmus et al - give you an idea of the regard in which Le Bon is currently held.

MP3: "What Is Worse" -

During the CYRK sessions, back at the dawn of 2011, a grand total of 15 songs were recorded. As they began to form as finished articles they naturally pooled into two camps. Whilst CYRK bounds around erratically and unknowingly like a younger sibling, CYRK II is its older sister, bearing songs of a more starkly confessional nature. Although there is a longing and sadness that litters CYRK II, it never truly realizes itself, often hiding in the forest of lyrics and interrupting instrumentation when on the cusp of revealing too much.

Cate Le Bon will release CYRK II via The Control Group on August 21.

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