Free Music Monday! Nouela - "Fight"

Nouela released her grand debut, Chants, last week on June 12th with The Control Group. Now she shares a new music video for "Fight". Directed by Future Human Productions, the video was filmed in Washington featuring Nouela, herself and eight huskies.

VIDEO: "Fight" -
MP3: "Fight" -

The sonic terrain of Chants appears like the dark landscape of a musically Darwinian island that mirrors Nouela's upbringing: an enigmatic and isolated place where Carole King's Tapestry has been allowed to co-mingle for countless generations with PJ Harvey's To Bring you My Love and Fiona Apple's Tidal. What emerges is a unique body of music that is both ambitious without being self-indulgent and vulnerable without being piteous. Chants is a musical flood of feelings and emotions born from the enduring toil of the human condition.