Free Music Monday! Jezzy & The Belles - "Confess Child"

Jezzy & The Belles, the salacious Brooklyn based dream-pop folktronica band announces the release of their debut full-length album Compasses & Maps on June 26. This aptly titled record guides listeners on a transcendent pilgrimage along the border of hauntingly ethereal indie pop and seductive, undulating folktronica. This rhythmic journey is lead by the hypnotic vocals of front woman, Jezzy (Jessica Eisenberg), who fearlessly routes your way through 9 rousing songs which will make you subconsciously fall victim to her melodic rapture. Fans of Nouvelle Vague, Air, Massive Attack and PJ Harvey beware: Compasses & Maps by Jezzy & The Belles will claim another piece of your heart.

MP3: "Confess Child” -

Jezzy & The Belles debut album Compasses & Maps will be released digitally on June 26.