Free Music Monday! d'Eon - "Al-Qiyamah"

d'Eon, Montreal-based composer, producer and vocalist is releasing his full-length double album on Hippos In Tanks, entitled LP.

LP is an oratorio in four movements - a humanistic mix of electronic pop with devotional subject matter. Continuing the musical themes of his previous two releases on Hippos In Tanks, 2010's Palinopsia mini-LP, and 2011's Darkbloom split with Grimes, d'Eon uses layers of digital keyboards and drum machine beats to carve pop songs out of counterpoint melodies and unresolved chord progressions. More evident than the previous two releases, d'Eon employs more of his classical piano training in the compositions, adding an increasing amount of fractalized, multiplying patterns of notes. The vocal and rhythmic approach to the songs are firmly rooted in pop music, using R&B and dance music as pieces of a larger oratorio, whose form, length and lyrical content more closely resemble long-form baroque music.

MP3: "Al-Qiyamah" -
MP3: "Now You Do" -
MP3: "Transparency Pt. II" -

Lyrically, it is an appeal to the Angel Gabriel, responsible for dispensing the word of God to the world. As of 2012, it has been centuries since his last appearance to Muhammad, and God no longer speaks through him. Despite the communication technology that exists to distribute information, the original bringer of information, Gabriel, is nowhere to be found. The singer feels cheated that so many people watch over him every day on the internet, but God Himself no longer sees him. If the internet is the primary source of information, then it must follow that the Angel Gabriel is in the network somewhere. Throughout the four movements of LP, the singer eventually descends into religious delusion and hysteria, and becomes obsessed with finding Gabriel, the Angel of Truth, in the internet, demanding an explanation for God's communication blackout.