Free Music Monday! Dan Deacon - "Lots"

Domino is proud to announce the release of Dan Deacon's new album, America, out August 28th (North America) / August 27th (Rest of the world).

America is Dan Deacon's most powerful work to date, the culmination of years spent playing both DIY venues and concert halls across the world, of exercises in the power of the individual and a coordinated mass, of a disenfranchised mind questioning notions of cultural identity and values.

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The most raw cut from the album, "Lots," seems a fitting introduction to a collection of songs that sit at the intersection of noise, pop, dance and chamber music. Filled with the struggle and opportunity rampant in Deacon's America, "Lots" lyrics bounce between a post-apocalyptic world influenced by Cormac McCathy's The Road and a call not to lose sight of the current movements that aim to change a broken system.

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