Free Music Monday! Andrew Johnston - "Beat Down Your Stereo"

Andrew Johnston, the Montreal-based artist, known for his infectious melodies and catchy hooks is back with this third highly anticipated single, “Beat Down Your Stereo.” The track is the newest release from the acclaimed The Wake of the Wonder Years, an album that has been making waves in recent months gaining everyone from Relix to to Baeble as fans. Recently sharing the stage Colin Hay from Men at Work, Andrew Johnston is truly making a name for himself in the indie pop music community- It’s time for you to get on board!

MP3: "Beat Down Your Stereo" -

“Beat Down Your Stereo,” kicks off with an unforgettable riff that is interwoven throughout the track and only gets catchier as the song progresses. With a bass guitar part that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on an early Elvis Costello or Joe Jackson record, layers of harmonized guitars and synthesizer create a vibe that Sloan, the Apples in Stereo, or even the Cars would have been proud to call their own. In short, this tune sports a near epic wall of sound!

On The Wake of the Wonder Years, Johnston goes above and beyond to grab your ear. With elements of 80’s radio hits of years prior, touches of folk flare, and the influence of Andrew’s musical surroundings and peers in Montreal, Andrew creates a combination that is not only catchy but heartfelt. The ambitious and wide ranging productions on the album feature seasoned players such as George Donoso (High Dials), bassist Alexander Lapointe (Jason Bajada) and vocalist Amanda Mabro.