Free Music Humpday! Levek - "Black Mold Grow"

Levek is the multifaceted project bearing the surname of front man, songwriter and musical jack-of-all-trades, David Levesque. The first showing of Levek's versatility surfaced back in 2009, when a handful of a capella cover songs, embellished with what would become his signature Mickey Mouse tribal sound, became an overnight viral phenomenon. His deep-rooted infatuation with Disney nostalgia traces back to the childhood he spent overseas, where the only thing he could get his hands on were vintage VHS tapes from the company's vault.

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Sonically, Look A Little Closer is the amalgamation of the tenderness of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and the funky 70s Blaxploitation attitude. On the lead single "Black Mold Grow," soaring harmonies bleed into a soulful disco swagger, a perfect contrast to the slinky bossanova-esque "Terra Treasures." It's a pastiche of genres that live harmoniously in unison on record and in the mind of the man behind Levek. "The inspiration," Levesque says quite matter-of-factly "was just to make an album that I've always wanted someone else to make. Something that I would enjoy listening to."

Levek will release Look a Little Closer via Lefse on Sept. 25.