Free Music Friday! Chase King - "Bed of Lies"

Wonderland Archives is thrilled to announce the July 24th release of South Tropical Trail, the new full-length LP by Chase King, featuring new single "Bed of Lies". His musical chairs style is on full display on this newest release, so much so that it's hard to believe that South Tropical Trail – his second solo record and first for Wonderland Archives – was orchestrated by him, and him alone.

MP3: "Bed of Lies" -

Chase King creates pop gems in Brooklyn, NY. With a long evolution from drummer to singer and multi-instrumentalist, he has developed a highly nuanced, handcrafted sound. Shifting with ease between driving rhythms and a textured, folksy psychedelia, his songs become so much more than the sum of their parts. King blends backwards loops, atmospheric swells, and delicate vocal harmonies to create a lush quilt of experimental Americana. Moody and earnest, his lyrics provide a contrast to the music, which richens the view- as if you're seeing opposite sides of the same coin. Tinged with the breezy feel of dark tropicalia, this is the perfect summer listen.