Free Music Friday (The Belated)! The Mynabirds - "Generals"

When Laura Burhenn stepped up to deliver her debut album with The Mynabirds, What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood, it’s fair to say it was a breakthrough, holy shit-type moment in that it certainly wasn’t what people were expecting—but everyone dug what they heard. Critics likened her blue-eyed soul pop sound to Cat Power and Fiona Apple in possession of a spirit reminiscent of Neil Young or Dusty Springfield. And her voice, well her voice just floored you. On The Mynabirds’ new album, Generals (released 6/5 on venerable indie label Saddle Creek with a little help from do-no-wrong producer Richard Swift) Burhenn returns with that golden gift of a voice and manages to up the bracket in a major way. This is a clarion call, the likes of which we have not heard in ages.

MP3: "Generals" -

Fueled by Burhenn’s political frustration and influenced by her dissection of the Richard Avedon photo, “The Generals of the Daughters of the American Revolution,” Generals is a protest record and a musical call to arms. If the debut functioned to quietly work you into a state of grace, sending chills up your spine, Generals is about percussion, raucous foot stomps and hand claps that drive the album forward, simultaneously socking you in the gut in the best possible way. This is music about freedom that brings tears to your eyes. Musically you can hear echoes of early PJ Harvey, politically-charged Nina Simone and Low-era David Bowie. Most of all, this is the sound of joy, soulful possibility, peaceful revolution and hope in the face of closed-minded oppression.