Free Music Friday (Belated Edition)! Brigg Fair - "You Know Who You Are"

Brigg Fair specializes in lush, indie orchestral power pop. The backbone of the band is Geoff Ereth, with his penchant for the piano and insightful lyrics. Under the watchful eyes and ears of the multi-instrumentalist Ereth, Brigg Fair have just independently released their debut full-length album, thought provokingly titled Kill Yourself for Change. They’ve also just released a haunting new video for the wistful and sweeping new ballad, “Last Surrender.”

MP3: "You Know Who You Are" -

Recorded primarily in upstate New York, Kill Yourself for Change is a stunning debut that benefits from guest collaborations with composers Brian Senti and Trevor Gureckis, who helped tighten and transform the already rich orchestral arrangements on tracks like “Lydia” and “Kill Yourself for Change.” Brigg Fair, whose namesake comes from that of an Old English folk tune, have drawn more than favorable comparisons to modern masters of their genre like The Fray, Kaiser Chiefs, Doves, Coldplay, and Bloc Party.