Free Music Friday! Thousand Foot Krutch - "Let the Sparks Fly"

Thousand Foot Krutch’s glimmering new release, The End is Where We Begin, kicks off with an eerie sci-fi droid voice welcoming you before warning, “you have activated all systems. Deactivation is not an option.” In other words, you’ve bought the ticket now it’s time to take the ride. Strap on your seat belt (and your spacesuit and helmet if you’ve got one) and get ready for blastoff. For Thousand Foot Krutch’s legion of do-or-die fans, the independently released The End is Where We Begin, signals a welcome return to the raw and gritty adrenaline-dump sound that the trio does so well. For newcomers, the album should serve as a rocket-fuel-burst introduction of rock/metal, power pop and rap peppered with melodious ballads that showcase the band’s softer side without ever sounding out of place. Their newest single, “War of Change,” manages to channel old school Beastie Boys and Rage against the Machine style lyrical assaults melded with heavy guitar riffs, while maintaining a sense of ghostly melody.

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