Free Music Friday! Led Er Est - "The Bladiator"

Led Er Est emerged from a series of jam sessions that core members Shawn O'Sullivan and Sam De La Rosa started having in early 2007, using bass guitar, some cheap drum machines, and synths. They were inspired to record music largely by 70's synth prog, and 80's lo-fi electronic and industrial music. They recorded a number of songs at friend Will Burnett's studio that fall. Their first officially released track was on the Wierd Records compilation, Analogue Electronic Music Vol II. Owen Hutchinson joined the band for their first live show at the Wierd party that December. In January of 2008, they released their first 7", a split with Excepter member Jon Porkchop aka SSPS.

MP3: "Bladiator" -
MP3: "Kaiyo Maru" -

Now Led Er Est is sharing with the world their newest album, The Diver, released May 8th on Sacred Bones records.