Free Music Friday! Ex Cops - "You Are a Lion, I Am a Lamb"

Ex Cops was formed last year by Brian Harding and Amalie Bruun, and word soon spread when a couple of self-recorded tracks began making the rounds online. Itʼs easy to understand why; Hardingʼs songs are effortlessly catchy, crafted from a timeless blend of gentle, somnambulant harmonies, chiming guitars and a loose, swinging rhythm section. While you can detect influences like classic British and New Zealand indie pop, Factory Records, and closer to home, a little Velvets/Feelies jangle, Ex Copsʼ music is enshrouded in a unique, sunbaked haze, and what results are songs that feel all at once new yet still as comfortable as your favorite soft sweater. This double a-side single of "You Are a Lion, I Am a Lamb (Original Dram Session)" and "The Millionaire" is a precursor to an upcoming full-length that a fleshed-out band is currently wrapping up in the studio. Look for the album this August on Other Music Recording Co. and in the meantime, make sure to catch Ex Cops live when they come through your town.

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Now, in partnership with the good folks at Fat Possum, Other Music Recording Co. has officially launched, with plans for a broad catalog of new artists and reissues from around the globe. For its first signing, the label only had to look across the East River where Brooklynʼs Ex Cops has quickly become a standout in the cityʼs fertile music scene, and whose debut single will be stamped with OM-001.

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