Free Music Friday (Belated Edition)! Truckstop Darlin' - "I See You"

Any band can make a record, but it takes a great act to make an album that truly breaks the boundaries of rock n' roll. Meet Truckstop Darlin', hailing from Portland, Oregon that will bring you on the ride of a lifetime.

MP3: “I See You” -
R.I.Y.L. Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, Whiskeytown, Drive-By Truckers

Taking a page out of the alt-country songbook, Truckstop Darlin' show off influences of Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, and hint of Whiskeytown right from the start. The group is gearing up to release their latest album Hope and the Heart It Breaks on June 5th with eager ears awaiting.

To hold you over until then, the band has released their debut single from the record titled “I See You." This proves to be a stunning piece of music that blends rock and country beautifully. With singer John Phelan's smooth yet scratchy vocals over the perfect combination of pedal steel, roaring guitars, and handpicked notes, Truckstop Darlin' will quickly make their name in the music world amongst fans and critics alike.