Free Music Friday (Belated Edition)! I Was a Hero - Youth and Defeat

Albany, N.Y.'s I Was A Hero has released its debut EP, Youth and Defeat, on Bandcamp for pay-what-you-want. The EP can be downloaded for free - donate however much you like. Proceeds from the EP will go to the band's budget to independently release a vinyl pressing of Youth and Defeat.

MP3: Youth and Defeat EP -

Recorded at Black Dog Recording Studio in Stillwater, N.Y. with Carl Blackwood, the entirety of Youth and Defeat was tracked over the course of only 30 hours in three visits. "We think we owe it to the world to show what we really bring to the table, especially for our first release," says vocalist Brandon Pagano of the stripped-down recording sessions. "There's very little editing done to the drums," he continues. "Every hit you hear is real, and most people will be able to tell. There is no form of pitch correction on the vocals."

These songs, according to the band, are the first "real" I Was A Hero songs ever. Past, demo-quality releases were written before this band was formed. Youth and Defeat is, in every sense, a debut release.

Combining the earnest youth of the band (all of the members are high-school age) with strong, overarching themes of progress and just getting by in the lyrics, Youth and Defeat plays out as passionate, unruly message being sent out. I Was A Hero is recommended if you think you'd like a more raw-sounding, stripped-down version of The Wonder Years or The Starting Line.