Century Media Signs Miasmal

Century Media Records is proud to announce the signing of Sweden's Miasmal!

The Gothenburg-based band caught Century Media's attention with their uncompromising way of playing real, no-bullshit death metal. Their DIY attitude and previous releases (a demo, a 7" EP, and one studio album) have also gained them a constantly growing fan-base.

Philipp Schulte, A&R at Century Media Records, comments: "We are very happy about the signing of Miasmal. The current death metal underground scene is offering many excellent new and promising bands, but only a few have that certain edge that makes you feel there is much more to come. It's the combination of their music, style and attitude that makes Miasmal simply outstanding. When I listened to tracks like "Kallocain," "Toxic Breed" or the epic "Chronicles" for the first time, I felt this band has a spirit most other bands are lacking."

Pontus Redig, guitarist and vocalist in Miasmal, comments: "We are happy to announce that we just signed a deal with Century Media! As fans of many of the label's releases and bands, we feel that we are in good company. The new cooperation offers lots of opportunities for the making of our next record which is something we are very excited about. We've just begun the writing process and plan to head to the studio during the winter to immortalize our 2nd album and Century Media debut".