Free Music! Various Artists - I Am Mighty Compilation

I Am Mighty Records will be releasing the first I Am Mighty Records And Friends Compilation on April 30th. The label has always had a passion for shouting about new music and great bands that you should know about, and wanted to bring together some of the best up and coming bands around and give music fans a chance to listen to them for free. The label also believes that there is something for everyone and that every track on this Record is great.

The compilation features all of the I Am Mighty Records bands, My Favourite Runner Up, Pavilions, Tall Trees, Count To Four, Pressure Kids, Liar Liar, Angel At My Table, Paper Tigers, White Coulds & Gunfire, Taking Hayley, Sell Your Sky, Maycomb, Fly This For Me, ScreamDontWhisper, Piper Saint, Highrise and many more.

All people need to do get a copy of this awesome compilation is sign up for the I Am Mighty Mailing list and fans will be sent a link to download the Compilation on April 30th. They are also having 10,000 CD's pressed which will given away for free at various shows and events throughout the U.K by the I Am Mighty Team.

Fans can sign up to receive a free copy of the Compilation here:

You can watch a sampler video for the Compilation here.