Free Music Friday (Belated Editon)! Letterist - "100MPH"

New York City is filled with hundreds of bands, but it takes true talent for a group to stand out amongst the rest. Meet Letterist, the infectious trio hailing from the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Just debuting their first single titled, “100mph,” Letterist will quickly draw you in with their catchy brand of indie-meets - electro pop-sound. Be prepared to make this track one of your favorite songs of the year...already. Singer Pamela Bell’s voice echoes throughout the track, making it both haunting and gorgeous. Echoing guitars and heavy beats fill every inch of space with perfection, carrying the song to new heights. Blending a bit of dancefloor nostalgia, this is one piece that will make your jaw drop.

MP3 - "100MPH" -

Letterist is the perfect blend of electro-synthpop and dance rock. Influenced by classic artists such as Royksopp, Daft Punk, New Order, Fleetwood Mac, and Kylie Minogue, while evoking the sounds of modern luminaries like Metric and Lykke Li, the group will make you un-expect the expected. “I want to be able to reinvent based on my musical growth, and my gut and my ability,” says Pam. For Letterist this means an endless quest to write the perfect soundtrack to the best 80’s John Hughes film never made.