Free Music Friday! (Belated Edition): The Daredevil Christopher Wright - "Divorce"

Born in 2004 out of the thriving indie music scene in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, The Daredevil Christopher Wright unites brothers Jon and Jason Sunde with the percussion and vocals of friend Jesse Edgington. Their first full length album In Deference to a Broken Back, an expansive and collaborative effort, was released through Amble Down Records. Their sophomore album, 2012's The Nature of Things, is a result of asking what can be created by three men at ease with their instruments, storytellers at heart. It will be released on the File Under: Music label on June 26.

MP3: "Divorce" -

Where In Deference enlisted the help of a large group of friends and fellow musicians, The Nature of Things scales back. Recorded by Patrick Stolley, founding engineer for the celebrated music blog Daytrotter, the album reflects sim- plicity. "With The Nature Of Things, we made an intentional effort to focus and tighten the writing. To try to confine the arrangements to elements that the three of us could perform," says Jon.

The Daredevil Christopher Wright will drop The Nature of Things on File Under: Music on June 26.