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Free Music Friday! (Belated Edition): Phedre - "Aphrodite"

Free Music Friday! (Belated Edtion): Dent May - Escape From Groove Mountain Mixtape

Free Music Friday! (Belated Edition): Dana Buoy - "So Lucky"

Free Music Friday! (Belated Edition): The Daredevil Christopher Wright - "Divorce"

Free Music Friday! (Belated Edition): Nouela - "Fight"

The Learning Curve: Slaves On Dope

The Learning Curve: Lions Lions

Free Music! Various Artists - I Am Mighty Compilation

Kyoto Drive Signs to I Am Mighty Records

Free Music! Kissimmee - "This City"

Free Music! Paul van Dyk - Evolution

Free Music Friday! Yuck - "Chew"

Lions Lions Sign to Hollywood Waste

Moonsorrow Signs to Century Media Records

Free Music Friday! MV & EE - "Too Far To See"

Free Music Friday! Led Er Est - "Kaiyo Maru"

Free Music Friday! Kid Is Qual - "Conflict Girl"

Call Me No One to Release Debut Last Parade June 5

Lostprophets Signs to Fearless Records

Free Music Friday (Belated Edition)! Various Artists - Digital Sampler

Free Music Friday (Belated Edition)! Bass Drum of Death - "I Wanna Be Forgotten"

Free Music Friday (Belated Editon)! Letterist - "100MPH"

Free Music Friday (Belated Edition)! White Arrows - "Get Gone"

Fearless Records Signs Upon This Dawning

Rise Records Signs Thick As Blood

Free Music Friday (Belated Edition)! Mariee Sioux - "Swimming Through Stone"

Sully Pulls the Plug, Turns Down the Lights