Free Music Friday! Tayisha Busay - "Heartmeat/Lovemuscle"

Taking it down a notch and leaving the dance party behind, this shows a different side of Tayisha Busay that proves to be just as brilliant in it’s more subtle form. Tessa’s and Ariel’s voices blend flawlessly creating stunning harmonies backed by captivating sounds and tones that are every bit heavenly. If you are looking for your new favorite musical group, look no further than Tayisha Busay.

MP3: "Heartmeat/Lovemuscle" -
VIDEO: "Heartmeat/Lovemuscle" -

Having toured with MEN (JD Samson of Le Tigre) and shared the stage with artists such as Andrew W.K, Tayisha Busay have displayed a grand expertise of showmanship with their use of choreographed dancing, hand-crafted props, home-made lighting effects, and always tons of glitter and confetti. Winning over hearts and dance shoes of fans alike, it’s always a good time when Tayisha Busay is around.

Nothing says love like Tayisha Busay.