Reviewed! The Rolling Stones - Some Girls: Live in Texas '78

The Rolling Stones
Some Girls: Live in Texas ’78
Eagle Vision

Perhaps the most endearing element of the Rolling Stones Some Girls: Live in Texas ’78 is watching the crowd’s reaction witnessing this new material live for the first time, something most of us probably take for granted since Some Girls was released back in 1978 and by now the album and these classic tunes have had time to gestate. Hearing the band perform a now timeless cut like “Beasts of Burden” for the first time is truly a sight to behold, which really goes for most of this set housed on Some Girls: Live in Texas ’78 as over half of it is devoted to new material. Other than newer (well, new then, obviously), the set here is predictable – as the affair is kicked off with a rousing take on Chuck Berry’s Let It Rock and closed with the one-two crowd pleasing punch of “Brown Sugar” and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” – but Some Girls: Live in Texas ’78 is clearly more about showcasing newer material (“When the Whip Comes Down,” “Miss You,” “Far Away Eyes”). The bonus content offers some worthwhile moments such as  a new interview with the charismatic, legendary frontman Mick Jagger, an older 20/20 interview with the band and a number of Stones' performances from Saturday Night Live (including Jagger and Dan Aykroyd collaborating on the track "Tomorrow"). While Some Girls: Live in Texas ’78 seems more like a layup/victory lap than anything else for the Stones, the fact remains that it would be hard not to recommend this to diehard and casual fans alike.

Grade: B-