Reviewed! AFTER - Edges of the World

Edges of the World

AFTER succeeds in keeping things simple, from structures to songwriting, which makes their latest, Edges of the World, a gratifying, albeit quick (three songs and a cover), listen. Edges of the World is driven by the vibrant vocal work of frontman Jose Freitas, whose soaring delivery fuels the records stimulating high-arching hooks. The EP opens with noticeable bravado via AFTER’s heaviest offering “Days Ago,” featuring a centralized badass riff as well as an angling hook and deep groove that comes off almost sounding something of a post-hardcore Three Days Grace (or prog-pop perhaps?), which should sound intriguing. From here, Edges of the World stumbles with “Bones,” a jagged track that plays more awkward that naught due to some ill-timed fills and vocal placements, but it doesn’t take long for AFTER to right the ship with the albums strongest cut, “Edges of the World,” an impactful track that houses the bands best display of musicianship (fast track to around 3 minutes in) thanks to a wonderful instrumental bridge, as well as the albums best lyricism (‘cause I know it’s time to be someone/but my head is busy dreaming/the edges of the world’). Edges of the World wraps with a cover of the Doors’ classic “Riders on the Storm,” a liberal take which uses a fair share of poetic license, though it’s this imaginative reinterpretation that makes this track work. Edges of the World might be rough around the edges, but even its most uneven spots can be smoothed over – and nothing here makes this EP any less enjoyable. (         

Grade: B-
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